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(1) Press

International  Bar  1980's

Knocklyon News 2010

(2) Radio Interviews with music ( CD and live songs ) and chat.

Thanks to the presenters for the interviews and chat below !

Dublin South Community Radio 93.9 FM

With Lisa Hyman and Mike Purcell on "Mike on the Mic"

Interview & Music with Lisa Hyman.mp3

With John Byrne on “Revolver” -  Intro & “Deep River Blues” live

Teaching ,School Tours, Recording & Gigs.mp3

Music Styles & All My Ex's.mp3


Listen to the full interview, songs and chat on

Dublin City Radio 103.2 FM

With Kieran Kelly on “Sin E” Tuesdays 9-11pm

Interview on 103.2FM with Kieran Kelly - The Cabin Sessions.mp3

Teaching, Retirement & Music Styles.mp3

Changes in the music scene.mp3

With Peter Grogan on “It’s All in the Song” , Saturdays 12 noon – 1pm

Interview on 103.2FM with Peter Grogan - intro.mp3

Music Influences & All My Ex's Live in Texas.mp3

The Isle of Wight Festival 1970.mp3

Listen to the full interview, songs and chat on

(3)  YouTube

 Some videos below of the big launch party for my CD in Taylor’s 3 Rock 29th May 2010

The story of “Gerry’s Old Guitar” as told to Peter Grogan on his Sat program “It’s All in the Song” on Dublin City Radio 103.2 FM

The story of Gerry's Old Guitar.mp3

(4)  Facebook -

Checkout my group "Tom  Horan  Music" - if you ask to join I'll send FB messages and news of gigs etc. 

Also checkout my band page " Tom Horan" .

(5)  Reverbnation   -  

Charts , music samples, blog, upcoming shows etc. 

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